garden area to begin

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garden area to begin

Postby chenchen12495 » Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:37 am

An entrance log from enter garden area to begin, can form the whole industry chain that machines exit from resource be born here. Forest industry city achieved the nation industrial catenary, supply catenary and capital chain " 3 catenary are shirt-sleeve " , upgrade to drive me to save forestry estate transition respect made beneficial exploration.

In the country area of forest industry garden, a lot of workers are to come from forest zone. One is telling a reporter in the eldest sister of sorting lumber, from Jilin field of white mountain forest comes over her, there are 1000 multivariate incomes every months only when forestry centre so, after working to here, every monthly wages can be achieved 3000 multivariate. There is the forestry skilled worker of many 2000 maturity at present in whole garden area. A lot of come from forest zone, after stopping attack, garden area is them again obtain employment offerred post.
Group of middle forest of center look forward to will peacefuled forest industry city regards fragrance river country as the go ahead of the rest inside countrywide limits pilot. Mention prospective target, company controller says, the hope can realize sea land plan as a whole in future, the interactive business frame outside aid of photograph of north and south, churchyard, entire industry of lumber of the Russia in making serves catenary. And for Heilongjiang of big to forestry province, country project of forest industry city is structural adjustment of estate of the forestry after saving commercial forest to endure strike to me, transition upgrades science that have explores practice. "flame retardant pontoon wood floor,stainless steel rope railing price per ft,wood composites insects resistant deck Japan,flooring material wood plastic composite"

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