Losing a Pet urns is Different than Losing Our Human Loved Ones

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Losing a Pet urns is Different than Losing Our Human Loved Ones

Postby lobbicone » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:35 am

As you mourn the loss of a pet urns that you were blessed to have in your life, you also long to share the stories and love with others. This is part of the various stages of grief and yet if you try to talk to those that aren’t pet parents, they simply don’t understand. While the same people would express empathy, sympathy and even be a shoulder to cry on, they lack the ability to know the true joy and wonder of having a beloved pet. It is in this case that you need to seek out other pet parents who have gone through a similar loss. These individuals will be a bastion of help and relief as they know the pain that you are feeling. When a human loved one passes there is usually a memorial ceremony as well as a location for burial or cremation. These rituals are part of each culture and religion and act as a method to start the journey towards healing. However, when a beloved pet passes there aren’t any preset ways to honor their life. There is a deep-seeded need for us to create a sense of closure in the same way that we do with our human friends and family losses. Recognizing a requirement for both closure and rest can involve taking personal actions that you can share within your group. Some Veterinarians are now offering memorial services and cremation urns. There are also pet cemeteries that have been established so that all can visit and remember.

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