The use of wireless network cards in the XP system to share multiple computers without a router

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The use of wireless network cards in the XP system to share multiple computers without a router

Postby fengqingxue » Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:49 am

<p> is doing graduate design in the lab today New Cheap Ma5608T Gpbd Board B C Huawei Gpon Olt Equipment. As a result, the Internet ports of students are not enough. When many notebooks have both Wi Fi and local NIC, it is a good choice to use a notebook as the server side to share Internet. DM students before I provide convenient access to shared. But his system is Vista, and it's convenient because both Windows7 and Vista provide a fool's setting wizard. This kind of setup wizard is not provided under the XP system. Because of the recent purchase of a new mobile phone with Wi-Fi function, it is necessary to find an access point on the Internet. So I made a simple arrangement. Share it with you. This year is a lot of people, oh, stand on the shoulders of a large number of giants, do a sort of work. </p>
<p> equipment needs: </p>
<p> server: a wireless network card, and the physical network card computer (now the notebook is almost such dual card, or wireless card, you can buy a USB price in 50~130 blocks are available, plug and play) </p>
<p> client: wireless card equipment (can be notebook, can also be a function of WiFi mobile phone, or even a wireless router) now I </p>
<p> a simulation environment: assumption in a small, and Xiaopeng has two places, with the wireless network adapter on the notebook, the notebook small Peng to the Internet through ADSL, only by sharing network access to xiaopeng. </p>
<p> so you need to do the following in the computer configuration: </p>
<p> first check, your computer, Xiaopeng should have wireless network connection 48 Port Poe Ethernet Ports Switch Ws C2960S F48Lps L and local connection two connection. </p>
<p> cut a figure, this is USB wireless network card offer, it is different from the Telecom wireless network card, this should be distinguished. </p>
<p> and the Internet, this presentation of dial-up Internet access, regardless of how you are not on the net, in the bedroom on the line, like I used a static IP or in the laboratory. </p>
<p> now set, first set the local connection attributes, right click the local connection attribute selection. </p>
<p> and then confirm your IP address no problem. </p>
<p> ADSL if you are dialing, please choose the automatic acquisition of IP, automatic access to DNS, I in the laboratory, and use a static IP lab, if you are in the bedroom, then IP should also be automatically acquired. </p>
<p> and tick in the senior allows the sharing of. This is very important! </p>
<p> after the success of the local connection will appear a hand holding the icon. </p>
<p> and then set up a wireless network card, the same right property. </p>
<p> in conventional selection (TCP/IP), the IP address is subnet mask This is the default setting for Windows. Please make sure that this IP is not used elsewhere. </p>
<p> others do not have to write, because the gateway and DNS have been set up in the local connection, please do not fill in. </p>
<p> and then select the wireless network configuration. Select advanced </p>
<p> “ only the computer to automatically connect the computer ” don't choose this option. </p>
<p> now add a connection point </p>
<p> SSID to fill in number, the SSID number is a sign of recognition of the wireless signal, here is free to fill in. </p>
<p> to determine. After </p>
<p> you will connect in the wireless network card found in you just set the SSID number of named links <br/>
<p> connection, in the choice of connection, access system will start to wait for the other computer, until the computer is connected to the. If you don't have a connection, the first no connected network card will not actively connect to the client. After two normal connections, third without waiting can also be accessed. </p>
<p> and small computer to do the corresponding configuration: </p>
<p> set up a wireless network card No. IP </p>
<p> IP will be set as above can be. </p>
<p> machine, the client IP the above analogy, in the range of and </p>
<p> can only can search through the Huawei Mxu Ma5616 signal that share Internet connection point Xiaopeng. </p>
<p> this article copyright chyntec all, welcome to reprint. </p>
<p> please rational use of time, not addicted to the Internet, the amount of share! </p>

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