Production of coloured glass

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Production of coloured glass

Postby fengqingxue » Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:49 am

One of the most important equipments for producing colored glass is glass tempering furnace. Tempering furnace is a device for producing tempered glass by physical or chemical methods, including two kinds of physical methods, namely glass tempering equipment and chemical glass tempering equipment.Durable Heating Supply Hot Water Pump With Big Stock
Physical glass tempering equipment through the heating of the plate glass, and then processing urgent cold, the cooling of the glass surface compressive stress, tensile stress within the glass formation, so as to improve the strength of the glass, the glass tempered glass become ordinary annealing equipment. Because the toughening method does not change the chemical composition of the glass, it is called the physical way of glass tempering equipment. Chemical toughening equipment is to improve the strength of glass by changing the chemical composition of glass surface. At present, there are ways of surface debase and alkali metal ion exchange. Because of this way of tempering the chemical composition of glass, it is called chemical glass tempering equipment.negative pressure air vacuum pump with machine tool
At present, most enterprises are using physical methods, and the color glass production of Hefei science and technology science and technology is also a physical way. The customer used the contactor to control the heater directly, with large noise, low reliability and poor control precision. In order to solve this problem, the PLC combined with SCR flip-flop is used to solve this problem.Batch Type Vertical Pit Type Quenching Vacuum Industrial Furnace For Long Axis And Pipe

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